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3 Moroccan Luxury Tours You Must Visit

Moroccan Luxury Tours You Must Visit - Zayan Travel

Morocco is a beautiful destination which should be visited at least once in a life time. You will feel like you have travelled back in time. A place where you have full liberty to slow down and experience different things. Sip the aromatic mint tea in pretty courtyards and walk in the sun drenched bazaars with colourful jewellery and cutlery. Morocco Luxury tours are the best way to experience the authentic culture with a twist of modern day amenities.

The place has a history which is over 1000 years old. It offers a lot of different luxurious tour options which can be explored while exploring the country. Morocco luxury tours would offer you anything between watching a sunset on camel and learning to cook with a Moroccan chef.

Some of the Morocco luxury tours that you must visit and book are:

• Desert Camp Safari

You can explore the Sahara Desert of Morocco with a private tent. You can immerse yourself with the raw and untouched wilderness of the desert. One day experience in this particular environment is rewarding.

The desert tours mostly include a trekking experience in the Sahara Desert. They usually cover less discovered places which offer some breath taking views. You will able to experience wilderness and the fresh air of the desert. The camp site is also fully equipped with all the necessary things. The tents are not less than five star hotels. It is a wonderful experience to live with luxury in middle of nowhere.

• Beach Resorts

Morocco is not only filled with desert but also beaches. It is covered with the Mediterranean and Atlantic coast. It is the perfect destination for people who want to have a beach holiday. A lot of Morocco luxury tours offer stays with private beaches.

If you want a unique experience, you can also book guesthouses in small fishing villages or hotels with ocean views. Also, almost all the beaches in Morocco offer abundant of aquatic activities. It is fun to try all of them. Apart from that, these tours help you experience the Berber culture by interacting with the locals and trying their local delicacies. Make sure you discover the coastal town of Essaouira while on a Morocco luxury tour.

• Luxurious helicopter ride

Morocco is a humongous country and thus, driving a car and covering places is not possible. You can actually book a helicopter ride and cover places in your itinerary. Also, it helps to arrive easily at some of the inaccessible places.

Taking a helicopter ride is one of the most luxurious Moroccan tours. You can enjoy the scenic Atlantic mountains and also some remote spots of the Sahara Desert. Also, the pilots of the helicopters are well trained and proper safety measures are carried out before the ride. The pilots are trained in rally coverage, medical evacuations, VIP transfers, load transportation and air taxis.


Morocco has a lot to offer. Thus, it is a perfect spot for a luxurious holiday as it offers some unique and stunning experiences.

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