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2 Experiences to Take while Booking Morocco Authentic Tours

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Morocco is a culturally rich country. It has an illustrious history which dates back to almost 1000 years. A lot of small villages still practice the old customs and traditions. However, the major cities have progressed and modernization has taken place. Morocco, still has a pretty vibe which transcends you in to a complete different world. Morocco authentic tours are something that you must visit while planning a holiday in Morocco.

Morocco is a land of dramatic contrasts, romance, exotic adventures and dreamy landscapes. You can experience unique and different things which will fill you heart with wanderlust. From sleeping under the stars in the Sahara Desert to wandering aimlessly in a fishing village, you can do it all. Make sure that you book a Morocco authentic tour to experience the culture closely.

Some of the tours that you must take while visiting Morocco are:

• Camel Trekking

The camel trekking tours usually start in the afternoon. You will be taken in the middle of the desert. Your accommodation will be arranged in the Berber tents in middle of the sand dunes. You will be expected to cross the sand dunes on a camel.

The night in the Berber tent will be the highlight of your Morocco authentic tour. You will get to experience the Berber culture. A mint tea is usually served to the guests which is referred as Berber Whiskey by the locals. Apart from that, the guests are served local Berber dinner. The celebration continues with a drum party which plays local Berber music.

You can experience the enigmatic sunrise in the morning. A local Berber breakfast will be served to you. After which, you will again sit on your camel and leave for your hotel. This particular experience is available from almost all the cities of the country.

• Desert Tour from Marrakesh

Since, most of the parts of Morocco are filled with desert, there are a lot of different tours that can be carried out. Marrakech is one of the main cities of the country and so, a lot of desert tour options are available from there. One desert tour will take you to Zagora. It can be finished in 2 days.

These tours include a car and a driver who will pick you up from the airport or hotel. The tours starts with reaching the Atlas Mountains. A lot of small Berber villages are present in the way. You can usually stop to click pictures and interact with the locals.

This route includes the UNESCO World Heritage site – Ait Benhaddou. After reaching Draa valley, you will be expected to travel on camels. They will take you inside the desert where you can cherish the sunset. Also, you will spend the night in the nomadic Berber tents to experience the local desert life. The second day includes the sightseeing of the Zagora Agdez high Atlas Mountains.


Morocco Authentic Tours are fun and worth taking. It will leave you spell bound because you will be experiencing the wilderness and the calmness of the desert at the same time.

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