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Zayan Travel 15 Years Anniversary

Zayan Travel 15 Years Anniversary - Zayan Travel

15 years ago today, an exclusive Moroccan patent was signed, and the exceptional Zayan Travel Experience was born!

How time flies when you are having fun helping travelers enjoy the best of your country.

Every year in November we celebrate the anniversary of our tour company. On this occasion we always try to come up with a gift for our guests and giving away something special and of value. After all, without our amazing guests from all around the world we wouldn’t have made it this far.

Amazing Morocco Tour Discounts & Offers

So this year we are offering a discount of up to 15% applied to our entire private packages. This exclusive discount will be available for 60 days, and can be applied to a holiday during any month of the year.

A Free cooking Class and Hannah tattoo as well as a Traditional Moroccan Hammam and party in the desert will be included in this amazing offer

The offer lasts for 60 days and applies for any month of the year

To be eligibale of this unique offer: Share the website on twitter or Facebook is mandatory to be eligible for the discount

Just enter the special offer code ZAYANTRAVEL15 when making an enquiry for our Private and Luxury Tours to Morocco

We look forward to showing you the best of our beautiful country

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