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An exotic city in the heart of Morocco, Chefchaouen is “the blue city” of the country. Nestled just inland from Tangier and Tétouan, the city is distinguished for its blue buildings and walls.

Today, Chefchaouen is a popular tourist attraction for travelers all around the world. Its artsy blue shade has got many theories circulating around. Some say that the city was painted blue by the Jews who settled there after escaping the Third Reich. While according to others, it is just to keep the mosquitoes away. However, most Moroccans associate the color with the sea.

Although no one knows which theory is true, the blue shade has worked perfectly fine for Chefchaouen, since it looks admirably beautiful.

Perched beneath the raw peaks of the Rif range of Atlas Mountains, this city will win your heart with is serene environment and a long list of tourist attractions.

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Top Attractions Of Chefchaouen

Surrounded by mountains, the city offers traditional medinas with cafes brimming by the locals. You will often find tourists and natives mingling in these cafes. Beside its relaxing atmosphere, the city draws a lot of backpackers because of its large production and easy availability of drugs. The city has a reputation as a center of the marijuana plantation. Over 200 hotels cater to the European tourists during summer season each year.

Besides that, the city offers plenty of tourist destinations to visit and some great things to do.

Best Food in Chefchaouen

Taste the real Moroccan food in the streets of Chefchaouen. You will find homemade breads baked in wood-fired ovens in every nook and cranny of the blue city. There are restaurants that serve typical dishes of couscous, fishes, and spices. The traditional welcome beverage of Morocco, refreshing mint tea, will be served in every restaurant of the city. Do not leave the Plaza Uta el-Hammam unexplored. It is highly recommended place to enjoy a hearty breakfast. For lunch or dinner, you could go to Populaire Bab Ssour.

Photograph Ready

Chefchaouen is a highly photogenic city that will have your camera work overtime. It has numerous variations of blue spread out across the city. These multiple color themes include cyan, azure, cobalt, and indigo. The blue city under the blue sky seems to imitate nature exquisitely. Narrow cobbled streets are charmed by arched Moroccan architecture.

The best and most impressive thing about these hues are that they change color under the rising and setting sun. Shifting shadows and colors in the afternoon hours will entreat you to click some Pinterest-ready photographs of them.


About 45 minutes by grand taxi away from Chefchaouen, in a small village of Akchour, are the Cascades d’Akchour. Nestled in the Rif Mountains are two cascades – one small and one big. The place calls for a hiking adventure, which includes crossing the natural bridge, God’s Bridge.

The waterfalls are surrounded by plush greenery and vegetation, offering a refreshing panoramic sight. Crystallin turquoise pool looks magical. This is a place you would never want to return from.

You can arrive at these scenic cascades via a short hike from the village, or choose a longer trek from Chefchaouen, which is a 25 km drive. On the way you will witness a series of natural pools creating a picturesque landscape. If you are traveling with family, chances are the children will love this place. There are cafes along the path where you can stop for snack time.

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Old Blue City

Old blue city or Medina has many beautiful alleys and steep climbs which you can explore. The city is not very crowded and has a serene and quiet atmosphere. Wandering in these streets is an experience that will stay with you forever.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the urbanized cities of Morocco, the Medina witnesses a complete different lifestyle that has a slow, leisurely pace pronouncing ease and authenticity. You will observe the color of the city change after a few miles. The change is subtle but artistic. People around the city are friendly and are fun to talk to. Many will even insist on sharing mint tea with you.

The city is filled with shops that stock traditional Moroccan handicrafts, wool garments, and woven blankets. The goat cheese of the city is also popular among travelers. Restaurants in the area serve goat cheese with many dishes.

Kasbah Museum

Situated in the center of the Medina are the spectacular Andalusian Gardens. Within the gardens is the Ethonographic Museum, which is also known as Kasbah Museum.

It holds some of the most fascinating artefacts, ancient musical instruments, and remnants of old Moroccan lifestyle that tell the story of Chefchaouen region. The museum is also an host for a small gallery that depicts the history and culture of this stunning town.

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The sunset in the city is exceptionally beautiful. You can take a short hike up the hills from the Medina and watch the blue city change its color and illuminate in the city lights. You could also head to the riad, which give a great view of the city and surrounding hills from its roof.

You could stay overnight in this traditional Moroccan hammam which is full of calming massage services and has a relaxing ambiance. Enjoy the spa in a tranquil oasis or indoor heated pool in the riad.

If you are a female traveler who hates extra attention and is wondering about what to wear in the city, basically you need to keep your knees, shoulders, chest, midriff, and back covered. You can keep your elbows and calves covered in conservative areas of the city. You could even keep a head scarf in the purse just in case you want to beat the heat and feel more comfortable. Jeans and long maxi dresses will do the thing.

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