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Marrakech tops the list of the most traveled destinations in Morocco. Famously known as the Red City, Marrakech is one of the fourth imperial cities in the kingdom.

With the ancient medina, landmarks, modern café, luxury riads, and artisan heritages, there is a lot you can see and experience in Marrakech. This article will guide you through the most interesting activities and fascinating attractions in Marrakech.

Here are Marrakech top sights:

The Old Medina

The ancient souks and homes in the labyrinthine medina of Marrakech narrate the story of a thousand years. Built in 1070-72, just a while after the foundation of the city, the old medina is enlisted in the names of UNESCO protected heritage sites.

You could always feel the economic and political glory of Marrakech while strolling through the maze-like alleyways of this marketplace. An influential trading center in the past, the medina is now a home to bustling vendors selling mounds of spices, handicrafts, and ornaments, clothes, and much more.

A leisurely ramble from the narrow roads of this walled medina will take you to several impressive landmarks dating from the same era, viz. 1070-72.

  • Koutoubiya Mosque
  • Ben Youssef Madrasa
  • Kasbah
  • The battlements
  • Monumental doors
  • Bandiâ Palace
  • Saadian Tombs
  • Place Jamaâ El Fna
  • Moroccan courtyard and gardens

Avid colors, fragrant spices, sounds of the commotion, sight of the beautiful historical architecture, and mind-thumbing stories of its past incite all sorts of sensations while you are exploring the world of medina.

Stay in a Beautiful Marrakech Riad

The city is a home to several riads, traditional Moroccan houses or places that are restored into a boutique hotel, generally with a courtyard or interior garden.

They make a wonderful abode that lets you immerse completely in the lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the kingdom. Most riads serve authentic Moroccan dishes combined with international flavors. Their stunning interior are generally inspired by the old architecture that was prevalent during medieval era or the colonial era. Surrounded by lush green plants, the riads serve as an authentic oasis of tranquility in the middle of the hectic city.

If searched well, you will find a lovely riad in the Marrakech region that promises an unforgettable stay without having to spend a fortune on it. We suggest you check out Riad Porte Royale.

Traditional Hammams

Hot semi-climate of the city calls for a good time in a hammam.

For those who have the least knowledge about a hammam, especially in Morocco, it is a local bath house that is best characterized by a soapy rubdown, dipping in water, and treatments like that of a spa salon.

A visit to hammam will soothe your fatigue and replenish all your energies. All you have to do is immerse yourself in the pool of water and experience the relaxing sauna, exfoliation, scrubbing, and spa.

The average price for a tourist in hammam is between 50 and 100 dirhams. However, if you are looking for a more luxurious hammam-du-jour, here are our suggestions that you will love to consider:

  • Royal Mansour
  • La Momounia
  • Heritage Spa
  • Les Bains de Marrakech

Consider booking these opulent hammams beforehand as they are super-popular.

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Food In Marrakech

Do not stop at tagine, there is a lot more to taste!

From fresh seasonal fruits to delightful desserts, the city serves everything to satiate your taste buds, while still beating to the unusual rhythm of Moroccan food culture. Begin with the medina. The pickled foods and olives herbed with thyme, garlic and harissa create the basic flavors of the Moroccan street food. There are variety of jalapeno-like peppers and lemons too.

Moving on to the main course, the Moroccan streets are filled with delicious lamb, both grilled and baked. They are cooked in the traditional Moroccan tandoors which are underground ovens. Lamb tangia is yet another favorite of tourists who visit the kingdom.

Available easily in the souks is the Msemmen bread, which is a traditional pancake-like bread stuffed with onions and spices. You can categorize this as the Moroccan fast food.

Other adventurous street foods include snails served in little cups, finely chopped spleen grilled with herbs, hout quari or grilled sardine meatball sandwiches that are said to be made with mysterious spices, and couscous tfaya.

Photography Spree

The beautiful city is a haven for photographers. The red-hued walls and earthy buildings mingle with elaborate palace doors to create a perfect backdrop for your vacation pictures. The spectacular landscapes, lively souks and mysterious snake charmers offer a display of colorful view to capture Instagram-worthy photographs. Travel bloggers will find it hard to resist the urge of clicking everything that comes their way.

The natural light of Marrakech or the orange sky during the sunset is something that every photograph dreams of. The perfect light will help you click a high-resolution photo from an iPhone, you would not need a camera.

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However, it best not to get into the detail of everything or you will miss out on experiencing your stay in the city. To make it easier, we have enlisted the best locations for photography in Marrakech:

  • Ben Youssef Mosque and its spellbinding walls
  • Medina and its red walls
  • Souks adjacent to medina that are a glimpse of local Marrakchi life
  • Bahia Palace and its lush gardens
  • Nomadic restaurant to capture the perfect sunset
  • Riad Yasmine and its turquoise hues
  • Local markets
  • Hammam of the La Mamounia Hotel

Marrakech carries a legacy of ancient Moroccan tradition and culture that is everything to rejoice while staying in the city. Its numerous tourist destinations and a perfect balance between old and luxurious make it a mysterious and charming destination. After having walked through its streets and exploration, you will understand why this is one of the most travelled cities in Morocco, the land of beautiful sunsets.

Do have additional information about Marrakech attractions to share with us? Leave us a comment or Share your experience below.

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