10 Best Bars In Marrakech

Younes Farhat

Marrakech houses more than 50 bars and nightclubs where you can go to enjoy wines, variety of cuisines, and eclectic atmosphere. While, most bars serve dishes that are centered around traditional Moroccan cuisine, they also include sumptuous dishes from Italian, Asian, European, and Mexican cuisines.

How to find the best bars in Marrakech?

This is what the article is about. It will guide you through the best nightclubs and bars in the city.

The best part is that we have visited, tried, and tested all the bars across the city more than just once before coming up with this list of top ten Bars of Marrakech. The countdown begins...

10. Royal Mansour Bar

Royal Mansour Bar is located in Rue Abou Abbas El Sebti, Marrakech. It is famous its spirited nightlife. You can expect high quality and prices.

The lavish interior décor and live music combine to create the happening atmosphere. The menu is a succulent mix of French and Moroccan cuisine. The bar is opened 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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9. Café Du Livre

Hid behind a huge construction site, it is run by people-loving Sandra Zwollo who founded the café in January 2006. There are 2000 books lined up on the wall racks of the café. The quietness of the café is only interrupted by the Zen-like calming music, slick chess moves, and hushed conversations. It serves home-made, fresh dishes such as salads, hamburgers and speared kebabs.

The prices are also very reasonable.

8. Le Palace

Le Palace is recognized as one of the world's best clubs by the Grey Goose-sponsored World's Finest Clubs. With elaborate interior and exotic Moroccan tracks mixed with international songs playing in the background, the club is in every sense a lively palace. Its French cuisine-inspired menu offers sumptuous dishes to enjoy.

Le Palace has a cocktail bar, dance club, and a comfortable cigar lounge as well. Its dim and swanky interior has a more urbane feel than the neighboring nightspots. The club offers a spectacular view of Medina and the historic city.

Le Palace is usually filled with Moroccan and international players that are revolving on see-and-be-seen circuit. You will need a pair of formal clothing to visit this ritzy bar-lounge restaurant.

We will recommend the restaurant not just for its delicious food but the unique, luxurious experience that is offers. The darker ambience sets a romantic mood, which is perfect for couples.

7. Mama Afrika Marrakech

Mama Afrika is the most African café restaurant in the city. Its tribal décor and reggae music gives you some serious African vibes, which is hard to find elsewhere in the city. The tempting menu of fruit juices, cocktail, and hot beverages.

However, the food options at the restaurant are limited to sandwiches and ice-creams. The portions served are generous and are served by friendly staff.

The café has some energetic non-alcoholic drinks and makes great alternative to the bars in the neighborhood. We had their papa ocean, chicken with shrimp, and a smoothie. Chicken and papa ocean were mouthwatering and served in good portions which made a very happy meal for us.

Mama Afrika is a must-try restaurant in Marrakech. It is open 7 days a week. It opens every day and runs from 8 in the morning until late.

6. Le Salama Restaurant & Lounge

The restaurant of Le Salama has a colonial style which is said to transport its visitors into a scene of the movie “Casablanca”. It has a restaurant, brasserie, and a skybar. Each space has a different interior and ambience to offer three distinct experiences to their guests.

Le Salama serves Marrakchi dishes with flavors from Morocco's other cities. Perfecting its extensive menu is a list of cocktails, wines, and shisha, including the Prosecco favorites.

At night, the restaurant is graced by the performance of belly dancers. Visitors are welcomed to join them on the dance floor and be a part of the fair.

5. Kosy Bar

Kosy Bar is tucked in the corner of Place des Ferblantiers, a cozy spot overlooking the square below. The café offers a lovely view of stork nests on the walls of El Badi Palace. Its dark hallways and urbane downstairs create a warm and luxurious welcome for its visitors.

During the day, the Kosy Bar serves only sandwiches, soups, and salads. However, there's more on the menu in the evening. You can order Moroccan dishes including lamb and fish tajines alongside Asian cuisine.

The bar turns romantic and more intimate at night. The soft lighting and lounge music set the warm atmosphere. The café has a good collection of wines to savor.

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4. Le Grand Café de la Poste

Located in Gueliz, Le Grand Café de la Poste features Moroccan décor combined with the bistro spirit of the last century. The restaurant has a warm design, copper-studded wooden chairs and marble countertops.

This vibrant café turns into a more intimate one with soft lighting, Jazz music, and candlelit dining tables in the evening. The staff in the café was friendly and professional. The café has a nice lounge where you can go for a cigar. The café serves starters, main course and desserts to make for a fulfilling meal. Their apple tart is a must try.

Le Grand Café de la Poste opens every day from 8:00 am to 1:00 am.

3. Café Arabe

Founded in ancient medina, this is the first Western-style café in the area or at least the first to serve a glass of rosé and decent lunch. Its location makes the café an easily approachable food court for those strolling in the medina.

You can go there to enjoy different dishes from Moroccan and Italian gastronomies with a glass of wine. The colorful interior and comfortable seating combined with the exotic and luxurious dining experience make Café Arabe.

The café is candlelit at night, creating a soft and soothing environment. Its live music further turns the atmosphere romantic, making it a beautiful spot for couples.

2. Café Clock

From sandwiches and salads to the signature camel burgers, the café serves lip-smacking snacks. Its menu mixes Moroccan flavor with exotic dishes. The portions are generous and satisfying.

This cross-culture zone organizes several events across the week that locals and tourists enjoy together. If you are around the café, check on its calendar and you will find something of your interest, be it a quiz, storytelling night, or music concert.

There's always something going in this unconventional café. There is a unique Moroccan-tent like structure in the middle of an open-roof walled area inside the building where all the activities take place.

The café is open every day of the week and does not serve alcoholic beverages.

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1. So Lounge Bar by Sofitel

Nestled in the quiet and natural environment of Sofitel Gardens, So Lounge is famous for its modern architecture, play of lights and delicious food. So Lounge has a wide ranging menu that offers dishes from Asian and Moroccan cuisines. The restaurant serves starters, main course, and desserts.

Go to the lounge post sunset to enjoy its lighting, live music and vibrant environment. Some of the must-try dishes that we personally found very delicious were:

Fry eby fry with shrimp and fish egg in starters (160 Dhs)

Chicken wok with basil leaves, crunchy vegetables and soy sauce in main course (210 Dhs)

Imlil strawberry mille-feuille in dessert (120 Dhs)

You can order wine or shisha with/after your course. The bar serves Cuvée Rosé Laurent-Perrier in an elegant bottle inspired by Henri IV.

The bar serves dinner all 7 days of the week.

There is bonus bar we could not help but mention in our list.

Churchill Bar By La Mamounia Hotel

Churchill Bar is a haven for Jazz fans. Its posh interior comprises of everything luxurious from leopard skin carpet to black-velvet armchairs. The nights at Churchill bar are enjoyed with live piano music and traditional drinks.

Wear something formal and classy when visiting the bar.